Python in the VE: VE Scripts – APS / Vista variables & units

Date Published

25th Nov 2021

Richard Quincey
Technical Director

Our next ‘how to’ guide for VE-Python covers VE Scripts –APS / Vista variables & units

This VE Script interrogates an APS file and lists all the variables with display & units data. It provides a utility that will find useful when accessing results from VE Scripts . Also provided with this article is a reference sheet that defines the units types that are reported by the script and utilised in the VE.

This VE Script is an example of a number of aspects including using the results interface, getting user inputs from a dialog (GU)I and writer output to a spreadsheet. For the purposes of this example we will concentrate on structure and the APS data rather than the GUI aspect which we will cover in a later article.

Check out the full guide here.

You can also view the Vista Unit Types here and VE Variables and Units Script here.

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