Digital Twins for the Built Environment

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Digital Twins - Building a More Resilient Future

At IES, we believe Digital Twins are the key to decarbonising the built environment. Fully scalable from a single building to an entire city, our ICL technology goes beyond BIM to create a live Digital Twin which responds and behaves like its real world counterpart. Delivering the data-driven information needed to uncover significant energy, carbon, capital and operational savings. While taking account of resource use, transport, social and economic factors.

The ICL Digital Twin

Our unique combination makes real-time performance optimisation of built environment assets a reality. We integrate physics based simulation with the 3D model, real-time operational data, Machine Learning and AI. 

Physics Enabled Simulation

Climate Ready Masterplanning

Design & Retrofit to Zero-Carbon Standards

Community Energy & Renewable Integration

Post Covid Health & Wellbeing

Operational & Community Dashboards

Data Analysis from Physical & Virtual Sensors

Real-Time Optimisation & Fault Detection

Introducing: IES Live

Never settle for a building that uses excessive energy. It’s time to take control, reduce energy risk, increase resilience, unlock net-zero potential, and deliver healthy and comfortable spaces. Discover how IES Live delivers the next- generation of energy, carbon and comfort management.

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Helping iconic buildings achieve huge carbon efficiencies

Vision 2045 Film

In a bid to decarbonise the built environment, IES digital twin technology is helping iconic buildings meet their zero carbon targets. Find out more in this Vision 2045 film which features interviews with experts from IES, Glasgow University, SSE Energy Solutions and NTU Singapore.

Digital Twins for All Built Environments

Whether it's an individual building or multiple buildings across a campus, city or portfolio, our digital twin technology can be used to map your route to a zero-carbon future.


Local Authorities

Commercial Real Estate



Sleeping Digital Twins

Do you have access to an existing 3D design, compliance or BIM model for your building? Then you could have an incredibly valuable digital asset – or Sleeping Digital Twin – ready to be wakened up to its full potential. IES can re-awaken your static model as an intelligent performance digital twin that is useable across your building’s entire lifecycle.

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Case studies

Digital Twin Technology in Action



Digital Twin Resources

Explore our latest thoughts, insights and resources on Digital Twins and their application within the built environment. 


The IES Guide to Reducing Business Energy Costs

On-demand Training

ICL Digital Twin Training


Digital Twin Consortium: A Whole Systems Approach to Decarbonization Across the Building Lifecycle

digital twin Specification

Energy, Carbon & Sustainability Digital Twin Generic Functional Specification

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