Parametric Scripts

Parametric and Genetic Optimization Example scripts

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Parametric Scripts

This set of Scripts presents a set of examples on how to use VE API to modify parameters and run multiple simulations for Parametric and Genetic Optimization studies. Options are provided to run Sensitivity and Uncertainty analysis such as is required by CIBSE TM54. Further examples are given of advanced outputs and plotting tools from these simulations including Parallel Coordinate Plots, Stacked bar and box analysis charts.

Note: Scripts here are presented as py files that can be loaded directly to the VEScripts dialog for review, editing and execution in VE. It is anticipated users will be familiar with Python and VE API in order to manipulate the scripts to run the required analysis on their own projects.

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  • Version: VE 2022
  • Author: IES Ltd
  • Released: 04/22/2022