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VAV Airflow and SAT Control Sequence Spreadsheet

Proportional controls sequencing for airflow and supply air temperature according to zone demand.

This spreadsheet generates a graph – in metric and inch-pound units – that illustrates the default controls sequencing for airflow and supply air temperature in variable air volume prototype systems in ApacheHVAC. The default proportional bandwidth for airflow and temperature controllers in ApacheHVAC is 2°F (1.11°C). By editing the input cells B2 and B3 in this spreadsheet, users can evaluate the impact of their heating & cooling setpoints on the sequencing of the controllers in the ApacheHVAC prototype systems.

If a user wants to evaluate changing the proportional bandwidth, cells B4 and B5 can be modified as well. The graph will update to show any overlapping heating or cooling that may occur. Changes to proportional bandwidth in ApacheHVAC will need to be made directly in the controllers.

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26th February 2018