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MicroShade Navigator V2.0

The Navigator facilitates the import of MicroShade Film® products for vertical facades and roof applications.

MicroShade® is a highly effective shading product consisting of an almost invisible film combining UV and IR coatings with a structured micro-lamella. The shading efficiency depends on the incidence angle of the sun on the lamellas. When the sun is high in the sky during the summer, MicroShade ® provides the strongest shading and during winter when the sun is low more heat is allowed into the building. Similarly, the shading efficiency also varies during the course of the day due to the different positions of the sun morning, noon and evening.

The Navigator facilitates the import of MicroShade Film® products. Constructions will be automatically defined in Apache Construction Database (APcdb) for modellers to later assign. The Navigator will show the product listing for modellers to select from and then successfully confirm import.


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VE 2021

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23rd June 2021