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Extract Proposed and Baseline Results

Python Script to extract results from Proposed and Baseline Vista Results Files, then generate 'Excel' report showing a detailed breakdown of PRM results

The script makes is easier than ever before to extract and analyse the results of a PRM simulation, eliminating the need for much of the post processing that previously would have been required.

The script generates an ‘Excel’ sheet containing all of the energy and energy cost results for the proposed and baseline models. Once the excel report is generated, it is fully customisable. Most of the calculations are performed using excel formulae. This gives the user the ability to interrogate the calculation and add further details if necessary.

Please Note that this script is not valid for PRM 2013

Key Features:

  • Valid for ASHRAE 90.1 PRM 2007, 2010 & 2016
  • Compatible with metric and IP units
  • Accounts for additional custom energy sources such as purchased hot water, purchased steam and purchased chilled water without the need for post processing
  • Gives a breakdown of CHP by end use i.e. space heating and services water heating
  • Correctly accounts for Solar Thermal Energy (currently not correctly reported in the VE Pro report)
  • Input the energy costs once for each fuel in the input window and it will be saved for the future
  • Energy Use Intensity (EUI) breakdown kWh/m2/year for each end use
  • ASHRAE 90.1-2016 Performance Cost Index (PCI) Calculation
  • Results automatically presented in Excel Graphs and Charts

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VE 2021


10th March 2021