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Max Min Values at Occupied Times

Generate an excel sheet, showing the max and min values for a room variable, only when the room is occupied. Unoccupied times are excluded from the calculation.

Let's say you are using MacroFlo to test the design of naturally ventilated building. You need to show your client the peak temperature for a set of rooms. Currently VistaPro will show you the peak temperature that occurs throughout the year, but your client is only concerned with the times that the rooms are occupied. Up to now, this task would require significant post processing calculations.

With this script you can now extract the max and min values of any room variable that occurs only when the room is occupied. The script searches for the max and min values for each room but only at times when the number of people in that room is above zero. Results are presented in an excel sheet.

To use this script, first select the rooms in the model to be tested. Then run the script and select a VistaPro (aps) results file. Now select a room variable in the popup window that appears and click ‘Run Calculation’. An excel sheet will be generated, showing the max and min values of that variable at occupied times. 

Note that you must select rooms before running the script or the excel sheet will not contain any data.

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VE 2021


10th March 2021