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Architects, Engineers and Contractors have a critical role to play in the fight against climate change. With close to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions attributable to buildings, practitioners need to be embedding sustainability at every project stage, from early concept design right through into operation. For almost three decades, IES has been providing AEC practitioners with market leading performance modelling software, expert consultancy and project mentoring support designed to help them succeed in delivering energy efficient, comfortable and cost effective low-carbon buildings.

30 Years of Building Analysis Experience

World-leading Simulation Engine

1.5 Million Buildings Modelled Using IES Tech

3,000+ Consulting Projects Delivered by IES Team

75,000+ Projects Delivered Each Year With IES Tech

15,000+ Software Users

Market Leading Building Performance Simulation Software

Used by sustainable design experts around the globe, the Virtual Environment (VE) is the most comprehensive integrated suite of performance analysis tools for buildings. The platform leverages a world-leading simulation engine to allow cross-team collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors, from concept design to operation. Optimize room and zone loads and embed energy and performance analysis into the heart of the design process, and across the entire building lifecycle.

Award Winning Global Consultancy

Our consultants are highly educated in the complex field of building physics and are the go-to experts when it comes to the application of our proprietary software tools. As one of the largest building analysis teams in the world, our consultants have delivered thousands of high-profile and complex projects spanning every continent. Maximising the full spectrum of our software capabilities to help navigate even the most complex building performance challenges and adding significant value to your existing services.

Taking your Skills to the Next Level

At IES, we are committed to helping AEC practitioners develop their skills to address today’s greatest building performance challenges. Whether you are entirely new to our technology, or an existing user looking to push the boundaries of what our software can do, our dedicated training team and expert consultants are on hand to get you where you need to be. Check out our comprehensive range of training options at the link below or, for more complex project needs, our expert-led Project Mentoring service could be right for you.

Digital Twin Tools for the Built Environment

Digital Twins present exciting opportunities to navigate the route to zero-carbon for buildings at scale, whether it’s a city, campus or portfolio. They respond and behave like their real-world counterparts, function as problem-solvers and translate data into essential decision support information to improve performance and reduce risk.

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