For those who are short of time, our live web based training sessions offer the perfect solution. The sessions are presented in an interactive, open format, allowing you to learn new skills and gain advice from our expert trainers from the comfort of your own desk. Not only is our e-training cost and time effective, the modular nature of the sessions ensures that each program is tailored to the needs of the individual trainee.

Our e-training sessions typically last approximately 90 minutes and consist of a live lecture using the VE. Each trainee will receive supporting training notes, have the opportunity to ask questions and will receive an IES Virtual Environment Training Certificate on completion of the course. 

Some of our e-training courses are now CPD certified. Please contact our team for further information and to find out which courses are eligible.

If there is not a course listed for the module you would like to be trained in please contact our training team for more information.


In ApacheHVAC training you will be shown the basics of creating HVAC plant and control networks for a building.

Next Online Session: Wed 20th Dec 2017   13:30 (GMT)


ApacheSim training will show you how to create construction and thermal data within the Virtual Environment and how to perform dynamic thermal simulations.

Next Online Session: Mon 18th Dec 2017   14:30 (GMT)

ASHRAE 90.1 (PRM) Navigator

In the ASHRAE 90.1 (PRM) Navigator training, you will learn how to create your proposed building and four baseline buildings, and to generate a Performance Rating Method (PRM) report.

BER Assessor

Learn how to use this tool to prepare building and system data and to perform Part L (Republic of Ireland) compliance checks for non-dwellings using the NEAP method.


Learn how to perform lighting design calculations to determine the number of luminaires required in a room.


Discover how to perform LCA and LCC analysis on your project while also achieving over 10% of your overall BREEAM score using IMPACT.


In JPA SAP training you will be shown how to use the JPA tool to import building geometry and construction data from the IES Virtual Environment and to perform SAP compliance checks and generate EPCs for dwellings.


Learn how to select luminaires from a database and to place them in a room in the 3D building model.


MicroFlo training will concentrate on best practice approaches for setting up general computational fluid dynamics exercises.


Learn how to create the geometry of a 3D building model using a variety of techniques.


Learn how to perform sophisticated internal and external luminance or illuminance daylight simulations, to generate 3D lighting images and to view daylighting levels or daylight factors within a building.

Revit into IES

Learn how to export models from Revit into the Virtual Environment using the Revit into IES plug-in.

SketchUp into IES

Learn how to export models from SketchUp into the Virtual Environment using the IES VE SketchUp plug-in.


Learn how to perform solar shading simulations and calculations for your building.


Learn how to use the VE to perform compliance checks, and to generate EPCs up to level 5, using the DSM method.


Learn how to use the VE to perform compliance checks, and to generate EPCs up to Level 4, using the SBEM method.