workflow training

IES’s Consultants are available on selected dates to complete a workflow session tailored specifically to your needs. This one-to-one style training is suited to a small group who have experience in the IESVE software but would like to dig deeper into specific workflows. As the expert users in applying the IESVE, our Consultants are best placed to share their knowledge and expertise in helping you to follow the correct technical approach on your model.

This training can be related to a specific project or more generally and will expand upon you and your teams existing knowledge. We will provide you with exclusive guidance and support to help with any queries as you work together through a project or sample model which we can provide.

what can be covered?

Simply tell us what expertise you require and which areas you would like to cover and we will put together an effective training plan to help maximise the benefits of the session. For added convenience, you can opt for the session to be held at your own office. 

Our workflow training sessions can cover the following and more: 

  • Complex Building Geometry
  • Building Regulations Compliance
  • LEED PRM Energy Modelling 
  • Solar Shading & Daylight Modelling 
  • Integration of HVAC Systems
  • Air flow and thermal studies using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

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For further information and to book your workflow training session please contact our team.

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