Perform Life Cycle Costing at any stage of the design process and easily incorporate costs for the whole life of the building.

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  • Quickly predict a buildings Life Cycle Costs and define the optimum long term strategy
  • Easily incorporate analysis into early stage design or proposal submissions
  • Interrogation of operational cost implications using dynamic thermal modelling direct from your 3D building model
  • Compare and contrast different strategies

> Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Ability to create, share, and modify, your bespoke library of Cost Data Files
  • Complete NRM (New Rules Measurement) list
  • Fully integrated with the global VE Constructions and ApacheSystems databases
  • Ability to enter life cycle information into construction and system databases
  • Ability to store life cycle information of typical constructions or systems in lifecycle database
  • Whole Life Cycle Cost analysis: capital, maintenance, operation, occupancy, end of life
  • Calculation of Net Present Value
  • Uplift factor to adjust the total maintenance cost, operation and clean costs to rapidly adapting one project to another
  • Fully integrated with CostPlan for your capital costs


Main categories include:

  • Construction costs
  • Maintenance costs: routine maintenance, major repair, minor repair, reactive repair, decorate, replace, clean
  • Operation costs: clean, fuels, electricity, water, other
  • Occupancy costs
  • End of life costs: recycle, demolish, other


Net Present Value

  • Calculates Net Present Value (NPV) for a particular option
  • Based on inflation rates (general, power and fuel) and the anticipated life of the building
  • You can compare different design strategies in terms of NPV

LifeCycle cost data file

  • data stored in the LifeCycle cost data file
  • can be amended at any time
  • can be used in other projects

Results formats

  • multiple reporting levels
  • graphs & charts of LCC Costs: cumulative (with or without construction cost, discounted or non-discounted), annual (with or without construction cost, discounted or non-discounted), by category
  • a breakdown of annual costs (Net Present Values) for each LCC Cost Category for each year of the building life
  • Complete database of results which can be interactively explored