BER Assessor

Integrated 3D tool for Part L and Building Energy Rating calculations in Ireland.

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  • Republic of Ireland – Part L and BERs
  • Import your geometry directly from SketchUp and Revit
  • Ability to build calculation libraries and templates
  • Improves design workflow with the ability to refine data set as design progresses

> Technical Details

Technical Details

IES was the first commercial software provider accredited to supply non-domestic compliance software in the Republic of Ireland.

The IES BER Assessor allows for the easy creation of non-domestic Building Energy Ratings (BERs), as well as compliance with Part L.  It offers a unique 3D graphical interface to the SBEM engine which has been adapted within the framework of NEAP for use in the Republic of Ireland.

As IES has also created integrated plug-ins to SketchUp™ and Autodesk® Revit®, users can uniquely undertake these compliance calculations directly from a SketchUp or Revit model if desired.

The nature of IES’s software also allows users to easily add other compliance and performance analysis applications, so you can compare and contrast how meeting compliance criteria actually affects the building’s performance.

Under the SEI Interim Accreditation Scheme IES software users who wish to become non-domestic BER Accredited Energy Assessors are required to meet the minimum standards set out by the SEI, pass our approved qualifying exam and pass the interim Irish BRE Accreditation exam. Click here for more information.