UK-Dwellings + JPA-SAP

A unique 3D graphical interface to JPA SAP 2012 (9.92) that links directly to SketchUp and Revit.

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  • England & Wales – Part L1 and new build EPCs
  • N. Ireland – Part F and new build EPCs
  • Scotland – Section 6 and new build EPCs
  • Free link to SBEM

> Technical Details

Technical Details

iSAP is a low cost SAP solution developed by IES in conjunction with JPA|TL. Linking JPA’s easy to use SAP design tool with IES’s 3D graphical user interface, this unique proposition saves users time and money.

As IES has also created integrated plug-ins to SketchUp™ and Autodesk® Revit®, users can uniquely undertake these compliance calculations directly from a SketchUp or Revit model if desired.
iSAP is a bundle consisting of the following software:
-          IES ModelIT
-          IES UK Dwellings
-          JPA SAP 2009/2012
UK Dwellings replaces IES’s Part L1 module and existing users are eligible for upgrade offers.

The nature of IES’s software also allows users to easily add other UK compliance and performance analysis, so you can compare and contrast how meeting compliance criteria actually affects the building’s performance.

In order to become an Energy Assessor/Certifier users must complete the training and present an IES iSAP Training Certificate to their chosen Accreditation Scheme. Click here for more information.
Full access to our extensive technical support is included in the software price according to the licence terms selected.