Parametric Tool

The independent Parametric Tool allows you to run parametric studies referencing VE models

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  • Model multiple scenarios and combinations of building design inputs
  • Standalone tool - the VE can still be used whilst any parametric study is being performed
  • Use Parametric Tool to set-up and manage design variants, saving time and cost
  • Completely customisable in every respect – a very powerful tool for the expert user
  • Has ‘Templates’ as its main feature allowing non-expert users to use the tool readily
  • Templates can be created and shared for quality and repeatability for all users
  • Only produces the results you ask for to reduce amount of storage required

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Parametric User Interface

Parametric Results - Output Log.png

Parametric Results

Technical Details

The Parametric Tool,  an outcome of the IES R&D project UMBRELLA, enables users to create and batch run a series of Apache simulations, without the need of manual parameter changes (e.g. weather files, HVAC or constructions etc.). In addition to providing a simple batch queue mode, the tool allows a single parameter to be changed before running the Apache simulation. This extra mechanism enables the user to perform simple parametric studies on the same base model. The tool can be found in the Programs menu under IES >> Virtual Environment 2017 alongside the VE shortcut.

Parametric Grouping

Within the Parametric tool, you also have the option to ‘combine’ or ‘link’ variables:

  • Combining two or more parameters will result in running a simulation for each change of the combination of parameters. Meaning, a series of simulation will be run to log all of the possible outputs of the combined parameters
  • Linked parameters must be associated to a parent “Combined” parameter, this will result in the addition of an extra set of simulations to each of the combination of parameters.


The Elements tool links the VE to the Parametric tool. Elements allows the setting of target parameters (model inputs) and results variables (Vista outputs) for parametric analysis. The tool works using rules, where it gathers common parameters from the VE, allows the range of the parameter to be set and then defines whether the variable is to be used in the same way for all instances or whether the variable is to be altered independently.

Parametric Tool User Guide