Our ERGON cloud service allows you to import, manage and interrogate real building profiles and use them in VE simulations.

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  • Simulate buildings using real metered data, down to 1 minute time-steps
  • Create libraries of benchmark data to help close the Performance Gap
  • Aid in delivering Soft Landings
  • Undertake Post Occupancy Evaluations
  • Improve operational models for retrofit & performance contracting
  • Undertake New Monitoring Based Commissioning LEED V4 Credits
  • Make use of the mandatory Metering required by LEED V4
  • Deliver Next Generation M&V using enhanced energy model calibration

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Closing the Performance Gap

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Technical Details

ERGON is an IES Cloud service that allows you to import, manage and interrogate real building profile or schedule data for use within your VE simulations. It enables you to manipulate vast amounts of data and create profiles that go down as low as 1 minute time steps.  Therefore you can deal with not only 8760 profiles, but also 525600 profiles!

Within ERGON users can easily import .csv files, graphically interrogate the completeness of data, undertake some initial analysis using in-build analytics, and export as a Free Form Profile Data file (.ffd) into ApPro for use in VE Apache simulations.  Users can also generate from scratch bespoke profiles at deep granularity (consisting of up to 10 daily profiles which can be assigned hourly across a year).

Within the VE you can link the profiles or schedules created to Master Templates and Design Options functionality to build up libraries of benchmark data for use in other projects to help close the Performance Gap.

Use it to:

  • Inform New Design using Operational Data
    • Take Operational Data from Similar Benchmark Buildings
    • Use it to Strengthen New Build Design
    • Deliver Enhanced Energy Model Calibration
    • Help close the performance gap by simulating designs closer to reality
  • Enhance Handovers
    • Monitor and Inform Commissioning
    • LEED V4 Monitoring Based Commissioning
    • Aid in delivering Soft Landings
  • Undertake Data Driven Post Occupancy Evaluation
    • Link to BMS or Smart Meter Data
    • Monitor and Verify Building Performance
    • Identify Operational issues from Data Analysis
    • Deliver Continuous System Tuning & Commissioning
    • Deliver Next Generation M&V using Enhanced Energy Model Calibration
  • Investigate impact of retrofit options using real building data
  • Improve operational models for performance contracting

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