We provide a full day hands-on training course, focused on Title 24 Compliance Modeling for commercial buildings.  The course will include:

  1. Introduction, overview of IES-VE tools and interfacing with CBECC-Com.
  2. Model geometry interoperability and ‘build from scratch’ model geometry.  
  3. Building data, climate and building constructions modeling.
  4. Organization of building templates, room/zone thermal data, internal gains and profiles/schedules.  
  5. HVAC zoning, air systems and fluids systems modeling.
  6. Generation of summary output reports and required compliance documentation.  

At the end of training, participants will be able to use the IES software for T24 compliance modeling on real projects. You can also earn 7 AIA Learning Units by attending these courses.

Course Prerequisites: The trainees will be required to follow along with the IES-VE software and should already be familiar with the 2013 Standards of Title 24, CBECC-Com software and with energy modeling in general. Trainees should understand basic inputs for modeling common building envelope details, electric lighting, and HVAC systems.

Contact for more information.