• gbXML import facility (constructions automatically assigned) facilitates the transfer of information stored in 3D building information models into IES VE tools
  • gbXML export facility
  • Streamline the transfer of building information thus removing a significant time workflow and cost barrier to designing resource efficient buildings
  • Enables building design teams to collaborate and realise the potential green building benefits of Building Information Modelling
  • Design efficient, environmentally responsible buildings that use intelligent technologies to meet client's needs at the lowest cost possible

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VE Pro ModelIT view - gbXML

Technical Details

XML (extensible markup language), is a type of computer language that allows software programs to communicate information with little to no human interaction.

gbXML is the Green Building XML open scheme that helps facilitate the transfer of building properties stored in 3D Building Information Models (BIM) to performance analysis tools.

gbXML has become the defacto industry schema with wide support and adoption by the leading BIM vendors; Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Bentley. It has also been adopted by a number of major modelling tools. IES is on the gbXML board of directors.

BIM is a significant move towards integrated design- if you strive towards carbon neutral and energy saving, you need to integrate performance analysis from the start.

gbXML dramatically streamlines the transfer of information & interoperability with analysis tools for performance consideration, removing time, workflow and cost barriers to designing resource efficient buildings.

Integrated IES tools ensure that architectural elements and engineering systems work effectively together from concept stage onwards; optimising the collaborative workflow and putting sustainability right at the centre of discussion.