IES Cloud Solutions

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  • IES TaP Project Manager 

    Our project management tool, IES TaP, is a simple, secure, cost-effective online system that allows you to streamline, manage and automate your green building ratings projects. IES TaP includes modules for BREEAM, LEED, EcoHomes and Code for Sustainable Homes.


  • ESOS Auditor 

    Developed in conjunction with the Energy Managers Association, the ESOS Auditor allows you to comply quickly and easily by securely tracking, reporting and managing your energy audit data in one location across multiple sites and multiple devices.


  • SunCast Simulations 

    Our SunCast Simulation service lets you run your solar shading calculations in a fraction of the time it would take on a standard desktop. This quick and cost-effective resource offers VE users with current SunCast licences huge advantages, allowing them to expand the number of additional scenarios studied and to introduce additional city scale geometry.



    Import, manage and interrogate real building profile or schedule data for use within your VE simulations. Utilise measured data from the actual building you’re investigating to enhance model calibration. Or use normalised benchmark data from other buildings of its type. Such profiles can be used to improve operational models and help close the performance gap.