Intelligent URBAn eNergy tool

The iURBAN project developed and validated a software platform that integrates different ICT energy management systems (both hardware and software) in two pilot cities, providing useful data to a novel decision support system that provides parameters for generation and further operation of new business models. The business models contribute globally to efficient management and distribution of energy produced and consumed at a local level, incorporating behavioural aspects of the users into the software platform.

To create such a tool, iURBAN has developed a SMART urban Decision Support System (smartDSS), i.e. a city-customized energy management and control platform. The smartDSS is scalable and works on two levels:

Local Decision Support System (LDSS). Capture of near real-time data of consumers/prosumers energy consumption production from Distributed Energy Resources (DER), displayed on a user-friendly interface via smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Centralized Decision Support System (CDSS). Aggregates data from LDSSs to provide city-level decision support to authorities and energy service providers, generating city-wide energy production and consumption forecasts.

A methodology for the validation and evaluation of the impacts resulting from the deployment of the iURBAN smartDSS in the two pilot tests of Plovdiv and Rijeka has been developed, based on widely used IPMVP protocols. It includes a Social Cost-Benefit Analysis using social and economic Key Performance Indicators.

Key Project Outcomes

  • VPP: High-level design tool of heating and electricity networks, merging metered data and modelling.
  • Smart Algorithms: New algorithms for electricity DR analysis, renewable energy production analysis and tariff analysis, integrated with the VPP to perform energy analysis of the overall city in order to enable balancing energy at both local and centralized levels.
  • Demand-Response: Allows the final customers to voluntarily and independently change their usual energy consumption in reaction to price signals or specific requests, as well as to benefit from such actions through received incentives.

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