Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in EU

4RinEU will minimize failures in design and implementation, manage different stages of the deep renovation process, from the preliminary audit up to the end-of-life, and provide information on energy, comfort, users’ impact, and investment performance.

In order to do so, 4RinEU will define robust, cost-effective, tailorable deep renovation technology packages to decrease energy use by up to 70% and life cycle costs up to 15%. The design and implementation of the technologies will be supported by usable methodologies to improve the information flow and knowledge sharing among all participants involved in the process, in order to sustain participative design and halving the current renovation time.

As a final result, the 4RinEU project will develop reliable business models to enhance the level of confidence of deep renovation investors, increasing the EU building stock transformation rate up to 3% by 2020.

To ensure the broad applicability of the 4RinEU approach and technologies, they will be completely implemented in 3 Demo-Cases and tested with 3 Early Adopter Buildings. The 3 Demo-Cases owners are both private and public agencies managing an important social housing building stock in three EU-countries (Norway, Netherlands and Spain).

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