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Data visualisation is often underestimated. It is not just interesting images for reports and presentations. It provides insights through analysis and is critical to helping people understand complex information.

Bring your ICL Project to life through Data Visualisation across a Community (iCIM) or Portfolio (iPIM). 

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iCIM and iPIM Features and Benefits

Bespoke dashboards

Giant touch screens

Interactive 3D models

Different views and levels of access

Automatic alerts

Engage and communicate

Share data and collaborate

Insights and analysis

Centralise project information

One Central Cloud-Based Ecosystem

Intelligent Community Information Model (iCIM)

iCIM is a community resource monitoring and management platform that improves sustainability performance.

  • Data that knows where and when it's from
  • Flexible to any level: Campus, Local Community or City
  • Host any urban data
  • Integrate live data to create a digital twin
  • Visualise energy and resource use
  • Filters, data interrogation and trend tools
  • Viewer for public sharing and citizen engagement
  • Central repository for ICL project data and models

Intelligent Portfolio Information Model (iPIM)

iPIM is a building portfolio and asset management tool for the visualisation of key performance indicators and data.

  • Any Portfolio across any geographical scale - City, Country Continent, Global
  • Identify data patterns, make connections
  • Map resource and cost impacts
  • Provide sustainability insights
  • Identify worst performers
  • Monitor progress towards sustainability goals

What Our Customers Say

By showing community averages of household energy use data and comparative monetary and carbon costs and savings, residents will be able to more easily translate energy behaviours to meaningful impacts and compare their data with the community as a whole, giving them an instant local standard to compete against.

Lewis Cameron 
Research Fellow, Project SCENe, University of Nottingham

Working with the IES team has been truly positive experience; with all feedback received favourably and acted on quickly.

Ms Priyanka Mehta 
Project Manager EcoCampus, Computer Modelling and Simulation, GIS.

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