Intelligent Communities Lifecycle

Introducing the Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL)

After a quarter of a century working tirelessly on sustainability, we have taken that knowledge to do something completely unique. Discover the ICL, a new range of digital twin technologies to help you create your own sustainable, intelligent community.

“With the ICL we can now apply sustainable analysis to communities of any size or purpose, enabling people to look at energy use holistically at a much larger scale. To do this successfully we need leaders who can lead their community and evolve these smart concepts into truly intelligent solutions which will have a measurable and lasting impact upon climate change. If each leader looks after their built environment footprint, in time, we can cover the Earth.” Dr Don McLean, IES Founder & CEO

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The New Environmental Digital Twin

Citizens, Companies, Campuses, Communities, Cities, Countries

The ICL creates dynamic 3D models that reflect real life performance. Delivering resilience, cost savings and resource-efficiency for buildings, campuses, communities and cities.

  • Connect, visualise and analyse any data from any source
  • Fill data gaps using simulation
  • Make informed decisions
  • Create bespoke dashboards

Connect distributed energy networks, renewables, master plans and building design, operation and retrofit.

One Interconnected Platform

The shared central database and interconnected tools allow you to easily share data and analysis results across the platform.

iCIM and iPIM

Intelligent Information Models

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Intelligent Community Design

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Intelligent Virtual Network

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Intelligent Control and Analysis

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Virtual Environment

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NTU Singapore

ICL technology was used across Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s 250-hectare flagship Ecocampus to uncover over 30% potential reduction in energy consumption and S$4.75M savings.

Delivered in two phases, the project used IES’ innovative ICL technology to provide high-level visualisation and analysis of testbed energy reduction technologies on site, before delving into detailed simulation and calibrated modelling of 21 campus buildings.

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