Mercu Mustapha Kamal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By Gene Harn Lim on Thursday 18 July 2019

IEN Consultants used the radiance capability within IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) to investigate the design of the first daylight trough for a high-rise office tower in the Tropics.

Mercu Mustapha Kamal, consisting of two office towers with a GFA of 55,000m2, has been awarded Green Building Index (GBI) Gold Design Assessment Stage and is also a demonstration project under the Building Sector Energy Efficient Program sponsored by the United Nations.

IEN Consultants wanted an innovative solution to deliver daylight to the deep floor plates, ranging from 10 to 16 meters, along with the existing green building certification mandate. The Radiance module within the Virtual Environment (IESVE) enabled the consultancy team to investigate an array of daylighting design strategies. This is particularly critical for the geometry design of daylight trough, such as the size of the entry and exit apertures, length of duct and angle of distribution. The consultancy team has also utilized the specularity property in Radiance to ensure the visual comfort of the occupants by choosing an appropriate surface finishing material. A field measurement was also conducted and confirmed the correlation between Radiance and on-site measurements, signifying the accuracy of daylight modelling in facilitating the optimisation of daylight harvesting device.

Further Reading

The following paper documents the practicality, performance, and technicality of designing daylight trough in the tropics:

Practicality and Performance of Daylight Trough in The Tropics: A Case Study