IES joins new SPECS consortium in Singapore

By Suzanne Wallace on Friday 8 February 2019

We’re pleased to announce that IES has become a founding member of a new Smart Grid and Power Electronics Consortium (SPECS) in Singapore. Set up by the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the consortium aims to drive R&D and push for the adoption of novel technologies in the energy sector. IES became involved with the consortium through its work with Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) Energy Research Institute (ERI@N).

SPECS was set up to provide a platform for companies to access the latest technologies developed by these researchers, and to translate them into commercially-viable products and services. It will enable companies to work with publicly-funded researchers to translate intellectual property around Energy Grid 2.0 technologies into solutions for deployment and commercialisation. The consortium will focus on areas in advanced power electronics such as solid state transformers, energy management systems such as load and generation balancing, and cybersecurity. Technologies in these areas will help to achieve energy savings, and support a smarter grid system that is secure and resilient.

IES aims to be a key part of the overall Energy Grid 2.0 platform solution for Singapore. Working alongside other partners IES technology has the potential to play an instrumental role in transforming Singapore’s energy market and helping the country to significantly reduce its carbon emissions.

Commenting on the partnership IES’s Head of Asia, Rohan Rawte said, “It is my view that in today’s fast changing technology landscape, it is ESSENTIAL for agencies to foster partnerships and collaboration to ensure best returns on their commercial investment as well as get maximum social impact. This consortium is much needed in Singapore and comes in force at the right time. I look forward to working with these partners and achieve breakthrough results.”

For further information on the consortium visit https://www.nrf.gov.sg/programmes/technology-consortia/smart-grid-and-power-electronics-consortium-singapore