New Technical Guidelines for Retro-commissioning in Hong Kong include specific detail on M&V and building energy simulation

By Edwina Cramp on Wednesday 9 January 2019

New Technical Guidelines for Retro-commissioning (RCx) in Hong Kong, have just been finalised and released by EMSD.

Prior to the development of these guidelines, there was no single defined guideline for building owners in Hong Kong on implementing RCx. While, they have obviously been developed in keeping with ASHRAE, ISO and IPMVP guidelines to promote the use of best procedures worldwide, these guidelines not only summarise relevant elements from international standards but also go a step further.

As far as IES is aware, these guidelines are the only ones globally that go into detail on the M&V and energy simulation side and its refreshing to see such a futuristic approach being taken. IES has long been an advocate of using energy modelling as a key part of a Retro-commissioing process. They also provide Hong Kong specific information to Building Owners that will help during an RCx process, including specific examples of common Energy Saving Opportunities (ESOs) that might be identified.

In addition, to ensure the benefits of RCx are maintained beyond completion of the process, this technical guidance also addresses the importance of ongoing commissioning, and proposes strategies to the building owner for this. It also includes details on commonly detected operational issues, covering what types of faults these might be, where they might be situated and recommended actions.

These types of specific guidance are not common in similar types of guidelines around the globe. And will ultimately help EMSD achieve their aim of delivering technical guidance that gives basic and clear procedural guidance on RCx to building owners in Hong Kong.

Relevant checklists, data collection forms and report templates are provided within these guidelines and appendices. They are also written in a user-friendly language, making it easy for professionals in the field to understand and follow, and will ultimately help building owners in the region save time and money.

The new Technical Guidelines on RCx (2018) are available online https://www.energysaving.gov.hk/en/retro_commissioning_rcx/index.html