The benefits of project based mentoring

By Luc Delestrade on Wednesday 21 November 2018

Learning something new can often be daunting, especially when it seems complex and you need to learn new skills to carry out your job. For some, taking in vast amounts of information during a standard training course can be difficult, and important information is often missed.

Project based mentoring is a much more hands on approach where participants are given the opportunity to apply what they are learning, at the time, to a real project that they are working on. Project-based mentoring can help you to maximise the benefits of your learning and grow your understanding beyond initial competency, to a more advanced level.

At IES, we provide a project-based mentoring service that is tailored to your organisations specific needs. Companies receive comprehensive, practical training that is specific to the job roles of its staff, as well as expert consultancy services on a real live project they are working on. 

During your chosen project, our specialist consultants will mentor you either individually or in small groups on how to tackle the more complex and challenging issues. Each session is tailored to suit your individual or project needs. 

The benefits of this approach include:

-    Maximise return on investment in the IESVE software and meet your learning objectives via tailor-made training for your project.
-    Differentiate your offering in the market with advanced capabilities in generating results.
-    With Project Based Mentoring and QA checking by experts, you have the reassurance of following the correct technical approach on your model and removing the risk of simulating with inaccurate data.

Here are some examples of companies our experts have already helped via this approach:

MT Højgaard

MT Højgaard is one of the leading Danish sustainable consultancy’s working a lot on energy efficient and comfortable schools. The 2 days mentoring held in their office was to assist and guide them into creating a fully auto sizable HVAC system under ApacheHVAC that was not part of the IES library. This system allowed them to work faster and keep a high level of expertise on their future projects.


Aveltys is a Project Management company working intensively on energy performance contract projects. They used this service for a Passive Thermal Comfort project which required a high level of expertise on the VE to model in detail the HVAC system, its regulation, as well as run an impact analysis to be able to control the risk while defining the energy cost. 

Bouygues International & Bouygues Construction IDF 

Our project-based mentoring service helped Bouygues with their project of a new court house in Paris. This mentoring session was dedicated to the specificity of the HVAC solution implemented on this project. The challenge for the engineering team was to implement the design changes as well as run impact analysis on future retrofit as a 30 year contract of maintenance had been signed.

White Architects, Sweden 

The building White Architects is analysing is a multi-use building including apartments, a pharmacy, and a restaurant. This mentoring session was dedicated to detailed energy analysis, focussing on the specificity of the HVAC solution implemented on this project.

To discuss how this approach could help your organisation meet its training and project requirements, contact me via luc.delestrade@iesve.com