IESVE 2018 Launch Event in Singapore

By Erin O'Brien on Friday 10 August 2018

On June 29th 2018 IES new Singapore team successfully hosted the first official IES software launch event in the region. 


During the event Sriman NCVK, Business Development Manager at IES gave the 50 attendees a demo of our latest release - IESVE 2018 - and took them through the new feature updates in detail with particular focus on:

  • Improved BIM Import Functionality
  • ModelIT improvements
  • RadianceIES enhancements - Daylighting Visualisation and Sensor Placement 

There was also prize giveaways - five lucky winners were awarded with a seat at an IES training session of their choice for free - and networking opportunities followed. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments were also served. 

Gene Harn, AECOM commented:

“I am delighted that IESVE organised such session in fostering a better working relationship within the energy modelling community and the IESVE support team. Besides giving a very comprehensive and exciting review on the IESVE 2018 updates, the event has enabled vital and authentic discussions through physical conversations amid of virtual support avenues these days.” 

We hope you're looking forward to our next event in Singapore as much as we are!