IES Partners with One Click LCA to make Life Cycle Assessment easier and enhance LEED performance

By Suzanne Wallace on Friday 22 June 2018

IES have partnered with One Click LCA for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Life Cycle Costing (LCC) calculations. The combined offering can deliver over 50 credits for LEED and complies with all versions. A new step-by-step Navigator for One Click LCA within IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) provides seamless automation, makes undertaking LCA and LCC easier than ever, and replaces the previous IES IMPACT Suite.

Panu Pasanen, CEO of Bionova, the developers of One Click LCA said “Together with IES we enable holistic LCA and LCC optimization and global compliance. This powerful partnership makes Life Cycle Assessment and Costing easier, faster, and more accessible.“

Craig Wheatley, CTO at IES said, “This partnership gives our users the best possible experience for undertaking LCA and LCC. At IES our users are at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted with our partnership with One Click LCA.” 

A key benefit for IESVE users is the increase in credit potential across the two software platforms for LEED and other environmental assessments. The partnership with One Click LCA means users can achieve over 50 credits across this solution. 

“We are not aware of any other single solution that can achieve more credits on a LEED project”, said Niall Gibson, Business Development Manager at IES. “IESVE and One Click LCA is a valuable solution for any LEED related project.”

The IESVE One Click LCA Navigator is free to IESVE users. Learn more about credits you can achieve here: http://www.iesve.com/software/leed or http://www.lcaforleed.com. For further information please contact sales@iesve.com or sales@bionova.fi.