Glasgow Revit User Group (GRUG): Pizza, Beers & Golden Tickets

By Niall Gibson on Wednesday 25 April 2018

Earlier this year, IES had the privilege of sponsoring the first GRUG of 2018. Held at Keppie Design office in central Glasgow, we had full attendance and a stellar line up of speakers.

For those who are not familiar with GRUG, the aim of the group is to bring together local Revit users to discuss and share the platform's use for BIM implementation. All disciplines are represented, and the programme is informal, encouraging discussion while chomping down pizza and beers. An interesting and varied list of presentations are to be expected. 

Topics covered at this session included:


Silvia Taurer (BILT) discussed her involvement with BILT supporting those who Design, Build, Operate & Maintain the Built Environment through annual events around the globe. Silvia spoke at GRUG after being in Glasgow for a few days, as Glasgow is a candidate for BILT EUR 2019. An excellent choice! If you would like to support the Glasgow Bid for BILT EUR 2019, you can by adding your name here.

GRUG attendees were also surprised with an impromptu raffle for a Golden Ticket to attend BILT EUR 2018 which is being held this year 11th-13th October in Slovenia, well done Martin Lee. 

File Archiving & Model Maintenance

Andrew Waring (Holmes Miller) headed a discussion around File archiving and model version maintenance. With tenders stating that data should be accessible for up to 20, in some cases 50 years, how can anyone ensure that this is possible? Think of it this way, only 20 years ago we were listening to cassette tapes. If you found that beloved mix tape, how would you listen to it? Luckily for my family we don’t have a cassette player, so their ears are saved, however this is an important question in our industry. A good discussion was had with potential solutions such as air gapped laptops with the projects data and software versions filed, or dedicated servers with projects data updated every 2 years. Regardless of the solution it’s clear that we should be aware of committing to these project clauses and understand the energy and cost associated with them.

IESVE BIM Navigator VE2018

Finally IES presented, and for the first time publicly IES demonstrated the updated interoperability capability within VE2018 (which is to be released very soon!) Douglas Bell (IES Consultancy BIM leader) walked through a live demonstration of bringing model data into IESVE and exporting back to the original platform. Yes that’s right, Bi-Directional Workflow between your Drawing and Analysis platforms!

The IESVE BIM Navigator for 2018 has been developed to enhance the clarity through the navigation process and the functionality, building on the VE2017 tool. Douglas demonstrated how users can now choose what they want to import whether it is geometry only, or a model with room data already assigned through a clear systematic guide.  You can now also import updates to a design you have already simulated in a single smooth workflow without disturbing existing information within your VE model.  Finally, also new for 2018, you can run loads calculations with the VE and export these results back to your Revit model through the BIM Navigator, which received good feedback from the group.

I’d like to thank Diane Ramage (Keppie), Graham Stewart (Digital Guerrilla), Andrew Waring (Holmes Miller) and Stephen Wales (STW Design) for their continued efforts as the GRUG committee. These sessions, and sessions like these, are important to support driving best practice and bring together colleagues form across our industry.

The next GRUG Meeting is on the 3rd May, you can register here. Topics includes a presentation by Canon on "Can we 3D Print this Model?“