For the last 24 years IES has been providing the building industry with tools to analyse the performance of buildings and in turn reduce the negative impact that buildings have on the environment.

Our founder and Managing Director Don McLean has continually echoed the need to fight against climate change and preserve the earth for future generations. By creating IES he has made a significant contribution to this, paying forward his knowledge to build IES up to the company it is today.

Last year, on Earth Day, we launched a campaign to make Earth Day Every Day. Over the course of this year we’ve delivered a number of campaigns, projects, educational events and resources to reinforce this message and continue leading the way for the building industry to dramatically reduce the impact that buildings have on the environment.

By paying forward our knowledge and expertise to the industry through our technology, training, educational sessions, consulting services and vast library of online resources, we are making a fundamental difference to creating a more sustainable and energy efficient built environment. Here are some of our initiatives that we’re most proud of from the last year:

Power Station Campaign

Last year we calculated that we’d saved over 26 power stations from having to be built. Now at almost 28, our real-time counter continues to let us know how much energy we are saving. We’re reaching out to the industry to help us save 100 power stations from being built.
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Educating the Industry

In the past year we’ve hosted educational events across the globe, reaching over 500 attendees from 18 cities, including London, Paris, New York and Dubai.

Visit our YouTube and SlideShare pages for all our latest educational resources.

NHS Health Facilities Scotland Project

Our consulting team continue to work on cutting edge projects, revealing new findings and helping to move the industry forward in its efforts to create a more sustainable built environment.

An example of this is a project undertaken by NHS Health Facilities Scotland (HFS), IES Consulting and Mabbett & Associates, which demonstrated the importance of implementing accurate data for energy & thermal comfort modelling from the early stages, and throughout, the design process.

An innovative report from the project provides tools that should substantively improve future briefing of NHS Scotland new build projects, and thereby enable better, more energy efficient and sustainable facilities and ultimately improved service outcomes for users.
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Project SCENe

Earlier this year we revealed that we’d been working on another exciting project, this time with the University of Nottingham where we developed a first of its kind, 147inch interactive touch screen which provides details of the energy performance of individual buildings and utilities.

It’s linked
to real-time and aggregated energy data and tailor-made IES software, allowing people to interact with energy in a way they’ve never been able to before. The aim is to make energy easy and compelling to understand, and to improve and realise its potential to support wellbeing and resilience.
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Best Industry Paper Award at CiTA BIM

Not only do we host our own educational events, we strive to attain opportunities to speak at as many industry events as we can in order to share our knowledge and expertise as widely as possible.

Last year, presenting at Ireland's leading academic forum on BIM and digital construction processes, IES researcher, Adalberto Guerra Cabrera won Best Industry Paper Award at the recent CiTA BIM Gathering in Dublin. He was presenting on IES R&D work for the European funded IMPRESS project. Covering “IMPRESS BIM Methodology (iBIMm) and Façade Retrofit Methodology using Cloud Based Open Source BIM”, the presentation was incredibly well received.
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Paying it Forward for Earth Day 2018

FREE Lunch-N-Learn
To help pay it forward this Earth Day we’re giving away a coupon for a free IES on-demand Lunch-N-Learn education session of your choice.
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Lunch-N-Learn Q&A Session
Next month our expert Megan Tosh will be leading a free Q&A Session (May 22nd) to answer questions about past Lunch-N-Learn topics, including:

  • Modeling Underfloor Air
  • Radiant Room Heaters
  • Modeling Geothermal
  • District Energy
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • ApacheHVAC Controller Fundamentals
  • Defining Chiller
  • VE 2017 New HVAC Features

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We’ll leave you with some words of wisdom from our Founder and Managing Director, Don McLean. Let’s continue to pay it forward and make earth day every day.