EINSTEIN: Project Summary and Achievements Now Available

By Suzanne Wallace on Tuesday 27 February 2018

This month our R&D division come to the end of the EINSTEIN Marie Curie funded Research and Development project. Led by IES R&D, the project has run for four years (January 2014 – February 2018) in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin.

The aim of EINSTEIN was to address the scientific and technical challenges related to the optimisation of energy efficiency in existing buildings, and the results obtained from the project have shown to be very promising in addressing this challenge.

The project summary is now available at the link below, which covers the key things that the project covered and what the project has achieved.

Read the full project summary here.

IES and TCD would like to thank Marie Curie Actions for the Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) grant funding support provided to carry out the EINSTEIN project over the last four years.