New VE Feature Pack approved for latest NCM update for Part L2 2013

By John Goucher on Tuesday 20 February 2018

Our latest VE 2017 Feature Pack 4 is now available for you to download from our Download Centre. This release incorporates the latest NCM update for Part L2 2013 November 2017, which is applicable to Part L2 2013, Section 6 2015 Scotland and Part L2 2014 Wales.

The changes in this SBEM v5.4.a.0 update affect a number of areas in the compliance framework and are applicable to both DSM and SBEM routes. These changes include:

  • Notional Building District Heating CO2 &  Primary Energy Factor
    Minimum threshold for District Heating CO2 Factor to be applied to Notional Building has been increased (Previously min threshold was 0.15 kgCO2/kWh, this is now 0.19 kgCO2/kWh).
  • Inference Method Lighting: LED Inference
    The inference data for LED lights has changed for buildings (other than those classed as portable modular), the Luminaire lumens per circuit Watt has changed from 27.5 (side-lit and 33 (top-lit) to 50 (for both side-lit and top-lit spaces).
  • Auxiliary Energy includes Additional Fan Energy for Heating systems with integral fans
    Heating systems with integral fans are defined as Central heating using water (convectors) and Other local room heater. An additional fan energy is now added to auxiliary energy for these systems, this is specified by the user as an additional Fan Power (defined as W/kW heat output by the heating system). This additional energy consumption is added on to total Auxiliary Energy for the zones served by these systems.
  • HVACGUIDE-SFP for Active Chilled Beams
    When NCM System type is Active Chilled Beams and Air supply mechanism is "Centralised balanced A/C or Mech Vent system" a new code is written out for the BRUKL document, which means the system SFPs table will compare against a target 1.9 W/l/s.

Additional SBEM v5.4.a Improvements

In addition to the changes specified in the updated NCM Modelling Guide, SBEM also includes the following two improvements:

  • Calculation of Lighting Energy which now follows the NCM Activity Database specified lighting hours and not occupied hours as was previously used.
  • Calculation of peak space cooling value used in fan power density calculation (for auxiliary energy determination) includes heat gains from Display Lighting which were previously excluded.

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Click here to download VE 2017 Feature Pack 4. Release Notes can be found here.

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