Digitising the Construction Industry

By Erin O'Brien on Friday 9 February 2018

There has been some interesting news in the area of BIM in Ireland in recent months. The Irish Government have announced a strategy to "Increase Use of Digital Technology in Key Public Works Projects" and the National BIM Council of Ireland have launched their "Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland's Construction Industry." Continue reading to find out more about each.

Irish Government Strategy Announcement

The Irish Government announced a strategy in November 2017 to "Increase Use of Digital Technology in Key Public Works Projects." The strategy will see public bodies establishing requirements for the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the design, construction and operation of public buildings and infrastructure on a phased basis over the next 4 years. Read the full announcement here.

The National BIM Council of Ireland

To encourage adoption of BIM in Ireland, the National BIM Council (NBC) of Ireland launched their “Roadmap to Digital Transition for Ireland’s Construction Industry." The roadmap is designed to secure funding for digital transition development in Ireland, to set performance goals and to support the Programme of Government. It is designed to be a living document that will drive development and guide the process of reaching long-term goals of a proficient digital sector. Read the Roadmap to Digital Transition report here.

Gary Nixon, Business Development Manager at IES was one of eight representatives in a panel discussion at the CitA Digital Transition Serious event "Driving the Digital Transformation of the Irish AEC Sector" on Wednesday 31st January 2018. The panel debated the impact of the NBC Roadmap, watch the full debate below.