It’s National Recycling Week – Join IES and become a waste warrior today!

By Edwina Cramp on Wednesday 27 September 2017

It’s Recycle Week across the UK this week and we’re challenging you to join us and become a waste warrior! Just over a year ago, IES in Glasgow got rid of all its personal office desk bins and upped the ante on Recycling. Our levels of Recycling in the Glasgow office increased significantly right from the start.

In one week we saw an incredible 47.7% increase in recycling. And over the last year we’ve diverted 6.3tonnes of waste and recycled it. In addition, we’re 3 month’s into a new food waste recycling scheme and have so far stopped 0.7 tonnes of food waste going to landfill.

A small effort really can have a big impact. When it comes to recycling, every little bit really does add up. If we all started recycling today across Scotland here’s what we could do:

  • If we all recycled one more drinks can a week, we’d save £3 million a year
  • Putting our used teabags into a food waste caddy will save almost £550,000 a year in landfill tax
  •  If everyone recycled one newspaper or magazine a week we’d save enough energy to boil 2.2 billion cups of tea – or 518 cups of tea for every adult in Scotland.

A fifth of Scots believe anything can go in the general waste bin, but that’s just not true. Last year we spent £57 million landfilling items that could have been recycled instead – that’s money that could have been spent benefitting the community.

Plus, recycling saves nearly 1.9 million tonnes of CO2 a year – the equivalent of taking half a million cars off the road.

So this year to celebrate Recycling Week, we’re running a recycle clinic in Glasgow to remind all our staff to wash, squash and recycle their waste in the appropriate bins. We’re also running a company-wide quiz (with a small prize) on recycling facts, plus asking our staff to guess how many kilograms of drink cans they think we recycle every month in the Glasgow office.

Why don’t you spend a little time this week checking what you can recycle at home in your local area. Recycle Now have a handy postcode checker for the UK.