REEMAIN Project Comes to a Close

By Edwina Cramp on Friday 22 September 2017

It has been nearly 4 years since the REEMAIN project started in 2013. Now as the project ends, it’s the perfect time to reflect on work done. Watch a video overview of the project here.

The REEMAIN project aimed to expand knowledge and experience in the Resource and Energy Efficient Manufacturing world, which it has done by publishing a Best Practice Book. It also developed a Simulation Tool for driving energy saving in factories. IES was heavily involved in creating this tool.

The tool was deployed across three demo factories: GULLON (Biscuit), BOSSA (Textile) and SCM (Iron & Steel). Five different efficiency measures were identified and implemented in each of the factories, and the potential impact of applying the project’s methodology in different areas like recovery of waste heat, integration of renewable resources or production optimization, was explored. Read more about the simulation tool in the article “small data” approach to energy saving for industry.

The Best Practice Book shares key findings from the demo sites and REEMAIN project experience with other professionals in the material and energy-efficiency manufacturing domain. It contains recommendations to the whole community: designers, research institutions, factory owners, workers, contractors, public bodies, and investors. Download the REEMAIN Best Practices Book here.