AerCap House, Dublin

By Suzanne Wallace on Thursday 20 July 2017

AerCap House is a modern office building located in St Stephens Green, Dublin. It’s approx. 6,900 sqm in size and is valued at approximately €25 million. The project was completed in just 11 months, which consisted of an M&E tenant fit-out to an existing core and shell building. As the LEED Commissioning Authority, IES consultants provided third party verification that the HVAC, DHW and Lighting systems were designed, installed and operational as to meet the projects design intent.

IES Consulting was appointed as the LEED Commissioning Authority during design, construction and handover for this LEED v2009 ID+C (Interior Design and Construction) project. The consultants provided LEED Commissioning services in respect to credit EAp1 (Fundamental Commissioning) and credit EAc2 (Enhanced Commissioning), playing an instrumental part in the project achieving a LEED Platinum Certification. Some of the services provided by IES included the following;

EAc2 “Enhanced Commissioning”

•    Review the Owner Project Requirements document during early design stage
•    Review Basis of Design document completed by the M&E design consultants
•    Conduct a review of the M&E design during design phase. This included a full review of the HVAC, DHW and Lighting design including drawings,     equipment    schedules and specifications.
•    Follow up with any queries raised in order to ensure the client’s goals were met.
•    Review and approve equipment submittals to ensure compliance with the design documents
•    Verify appropriate training of installed HVAC, DHW and Lighting systems was provided to the facilities team responsible for the day-to-day     operation of the HVAC equipment.
•    Conduct a 10-month warranty review to ensure all issues have been resolved.

EAp1 “Fundamental Commissioning”

•    Create Commissioning Plan
•    Co-ordinate Construction team members throughout the LEED commissioning process
•    Review M&E construction drawings and provide feedback
•    Create Prefunctional Checklists to issue to M&E Sub-Contractors
•    Create Functional Performance Tests
•    Provide on-site testing and verification for all commissioned systems, including HVAC, Lighting and DHW.
•    Verify that all issues found during testing were resolved.

IES were successful in facilitating both EAp1 “Fundamental Commissioning” which is a LEED pre-requisite and EAc2 “Enhanced Commissioning” which was awarded the maximum possible LEED points (5 points) for enhanced commissioning under LEED ID+C v2009. AerCap House was subsequently awarded the prestigious honour of becoming a LEED Platinum certified building.