Golden One Center, Sacramento CA

By Suzanne Wallace on Tuesday 2 May 2017

Using the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) to carry out LEED Energy Modeling, AECOM has designed the first indoor sports venue to achieve LEED Platinum certification.

Golden 1 Center, home of the NBA Sacramento Kings, has earned the highest score for a sports venue in the LEED program and placed in the top three percent of all buildings certified. The 837,124 sf venue includes a practice facility, with two full-sized NBA courts, training and treatment facilities, offices, a player lounge, and parking garage, totaling 171,012 sf.

On top of its impressive LEED credentials the project is also the first 100% solar-powered professional sports venue and boasts a 30% reduction in energy use over stringent California Title 24 code and a 40% reduction in energy cost over ASHRAE 90.1:2007.

AECOM used the IESVE to carry out ASHRAE 90.1 LEED modeling. This included modeling complex geometry, modeling displacement ventilation delivering conditioned air directly beneath the seats in the arena, and modeling radiant floor in the concourse. The team also used the software to carry out the post processing of results to calculate savings associated with using return chilled water return as a preheat coil for reheat associated with dehumidification.

“Using the IES Virtual Environment, we were able to easily model very complex geometry as well as use Vista Pro to really dig into the results to get an accurate picture of what was happening. It was also great for enabling us to post process results.” – Vicky Watson, Senior Sustainability Engineer leading AECOM’s High Performance Buildings Team in Orange, CA

“Early collaboration in our integrated design approach led to important innovations. For example, a first-of-its-kind displacement ventilation system saves energy and improves fan comfort by delivering conditioned air directly beneath the seats and allowing people to influence the temperature through an app on their phones.” – Alastair MacGregor, vice president, high-performance buildings, AECOM