By Edwina Cramp on Wednesday 26 April 2017

IES is one of 13 partners from 6 European countries involved in a new European H2020 funded research project, 4RinEU. The kick-off meeting took place in October last year, and the project website has just gone live.

The project is focused on Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep Renovation of Residential buildings in the EU. With partners focusing their ideas and inspiration towards the definition of reliable models for deep renovation in buildings.

The kick-off devoted a special focus on the exploitation of the project results, trying to define, even at the very beginning of the project, a clear path to market. In addition, the 3 building Demo-Cases owners highlighted their vision on the targets and the expected achievements of the renovation through the 4RinEU approach.

4RinEU will minimize failures in design and implementation, manage different stages of the deep renovation process, from the preliminary audit up to the end-of-life, and provide information on energy, comfort, users’ impact, and investment performance.

In order to do so, 4RinEU will define robust, cost-effective, tailorable deep renovation technology packages to decrease energy use by up to 70% and life cycle costs up to 15%. The design and implementation of the technologies will be supported by usable methodologies to improve the information flow and knowledge sharing among all participants involved in the process, in order to sustain participative design and halving the current renovation time.

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