IES Name Cory Duggin of TLC Winner of its ‘Most Valued Beta Tester’ Award for VE2017

By Suzanne Wallace on Friday 31 March 2017

We’re excited to announce that our first ever “Most Valued Beta Tester” award goes to Cory Duggin, from TLC Engineering for Architecture. We introduced this award to show our appreciation for all the great feedback we receive from our beta testers, and we plan to make it an annual occurrence. The beta tester that stood out this year, offering us an abundance of invaluable feedback, was Cory, and to show our thanks we were delighted to present him with a $250 Amazon voucher.

Cory has been using the VE for about 5 years now, and has been beta testing it for the last 4 years since VE 2012. Speaking with Cory about his experiences of being a beta tester, he said…

“The great thing about being a beta tester is that it gives me the opportunity to get familiar with the new features before the new versions of the software gets released. I provide the internal training for TLC on new VE features, so it lets me get a step ahead and better equip myself to help my colleagues with any questions or problems they have. I can go through our current workflows and adapt them where necessary in line with the new VE capabilities, in advance of the release, so I’m ready to carry out the required training.

It also allows me help shape the development of the VE and ensure the features work in a way that I know we would utilise them. There’s been several features that I definitely feel have been improved as a result of my feedback and it makes me feel like I’m more involved in the software and have a say in what’s going on. I would definitely encourage others to join the beta testing program; it allows you to feedback and ensure the VE is going to work the way that makes most sense for your work. Plus, it’s always nice to get a peek at what’s coming even if it’s not ready yet.”

Cory also shared his thoughts on the latest IES software release, VE 2017, saying, “It’s probably the most highly anticipated release since we at TLC have been using the software. The HVAC enhancements and new features for design and load calculations in VE2017 is a big move forward as far as being able to holistically use the software throughout the building design.”

Talking about the beta testing program and why we introduced the new award, Craig Wheatley, Chief Technical officer for IES, said, “We were really impressed with and grateful for the level of feedback Cory was able to provide us with. We highly value the feedback we get from beta testers and want to encourage as much interaction as possible. The beta program is a win win for VE users and us as developers – users are able to contribute to the development of the software and we get great feedback that helps us to meet the needs of our customers.”

Could you be next years Most Valued Beta Tester? If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for IES please email beta@iesve.com.