Bouygues UK: IES TaP

By Suzanne Wallace on Wednesday 2 January 2013

Since Bouygues started using IES TaP on all of its projects, the company is confident it can deliver exactly what’s needed to achieve the required BREEAM ratings.

Without the right management processes, achieving a BREEAM or CSH certification can be a long and arduous process. The Responsible Sourcing credit alone requires evidencing which supplier was used for each and every material, the volumes and quantities involved and the entire life history of that product, and any sub-products used to create it, as evidenced by supplier’s certificates. The time required to prove that the bricks, insulation and plasterboard used to build just one wall have been produced and sourced in a sustainable way is substantial.

With up to 120 required for an Outstanding certification, and each credit requiring manifold documentation as evidence, a particular problem for Bouygues was keeping track of which team member was responsible for each of the thousands of pieces of evidence required and pulling the documents together.

After ruling out building its own tool, Bouygues researched what was available on the market and chose IES TaP, a fully secure, online evidence-gathering and tracking tool. The requirement to use this tool is now a part of the scope of works for all its BREEAM and CSH assessors, in order to ensure they meet their contractual obligations on time

To reduce the cost of achieving a high sustainability rating for clients, and the need for costly amendments later on, IES TaP is now deployed at the start of each and every Bouygues project. By using IES TaP to brief the team on what’s required to achieve the desired BREEAM rating, Bouygues can quickly allocate responsibility for each piece of evidence to the appropriate team members, ensuring everyone knows what is required of them

The next step for Bouygues is to roll out the tool across the rest of the Bouygues Group, which currently operates across 80 different countries.

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