Union Square

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Union Square

Key Facts


  • £250 million

Retail FA

  • 65,000m2


  • 60+


  • 2

IES Consulting performed CFD and dynamic thermal modelling on the Union Square shopping centre, Aberdeen. It is one of the largest city centre shopping developments in the UK and the second largest in Scotland.

The CFD focused on a pedestrian comfort assessment around the external environment to ensure high wind velocities did not impact on the visiting shoppers. The target being to reduce funnelling of wind around the development which can lead to high wind velocities and ultimately uncomfortable surroundings for what was targetted to be a high visitor attraction.

The thermal modeling focused on the internal environment and optimising the use natural ventialtion solutions through openable windows and ventilation stacks. Temperatures were determined for the central walkway through the development to measure performance and work toward an optimised solution.