Theatre Sterile Services Unit (TSSU)

Scotland, United Kingdom

Theatre Sterile Services Unit (TSSU)

Key Facts

CI2® Consulting

  • 'Cause & Effect' analysis

Building Type

  • Healthcare

Detailed BMS data analysis

  • Uncover energy wastage

Using its Ci2 Consulting service, IES undertook a detailed investigation of BMS data logs to uncover energy wastage and understand ‘Cause & Effect’ of different Control changes.

  • High level analysis of AMR data
  • Detailed investigation of BMS data logs for ‘Cause & Effect’ analysis
  • Identified 24-hr chiller use in winter months due to AHU cooling coil control fault
    • Opportunity to reduce energy wastage
    • Minimise wasteful cooling when free cooling available
  • Substantial energy savings on reduction of chiller run hours
  • Poor control on chiller identified
  • Compressor pulsing on/off over short time periods
    • Substantially reduced lifetime on compressor if left unaddressed
  • Data driven approach to maintenance, proactive (preventing failure) rather than reactive (fixing failures by replacing with new plant)