msd carlow

Carlow, Ireland

MSD Carlow Cold Rooms

Key Facts

Steady state CFD

  • simulations performed

Three interconnected

  • chilled rooms

MSD Carlow is a pharmaceutical warehouse in Ireland. IES Consulting were commissioned to perform internal CFD analysis to study the performance of the cooling systems within the cold rooms at the Facility. This consisted of a set of three rooms with different set points being simulated together to see how the interaction takes place when the door opens to the outside versus door opens to either of the inside rooms etc. A very comprehensive analysis of the cooling system was carried out.

Steady state CFD simulations were performed to study the airflow patterns within the three interconnected chilled rooms of the MSD Carlow warehouse to study the cooling systems installed in chilled rooms.

Three scenarios were analysed:

  • All the main cooling units were operational
  • All the standby cooling units were operational
  • Two rooms with the main units operational, one room with standby unit operational and forklift was present in each room.