Cardinal Place, Victoria

London SW1E, United Kingdom

Cardinal Place, Victoria

Key Facts


  • D

EPC Asset Rating

  • 88

EPC Level

  • 5

Floor Area

  • ~60,000 m2

IES Consulting provided Level 5 EPC compliance modelling for the Cardinal Place development in Victoria, London. Cardinal Place is a mixed use development containing residential, retail and commericial office space. The development covers approximately 60,000 m2 and is up to 10 storeys high. Glazed steel frame bridges are provided to link its two buildings, with a five storey bridge linking the office spaces and a single storey bridge linking the 1st floor concourses.

Since opening in January 2006, Cardinal Place has become one of the most recognisable sights in Victoria, the dramatic sweep of its glass façade narrowing to a single point at the corner of Victoria Street and Bressenden Place.