Call Centre

Central Scotland, United Kingdom

Call Centre

Key Facts

Ci2 Consulting

  • Operational Heating/Cooling Loads Analysis

Investment Decision Support

  • New Chiller & Biomass Boiler

Building Type

  • Call Centre

IES was commissioned to perform a heating and cooling loads analysis at a call centre in Central Scotland. The company was looking to install a new chiller and biomass boiler and required detailed technical information on the heating and cooling demands of the building, on which to make the investment decision.

They came to IES Consulting in order to use its ability to incorporate real building data into virtual performance models of buildings so that they could test ‘what if’ scenarios and deliver the data required to make the investment decision.

IES, through its Ci2 Consulting service, created a 3D model of the building in its Virtual Environment (VE) software using a combination of design drawings and a site survey. The team then utilised historic gas and electric data from the site to improve the accuracy of the model in line with real world operation.

The analysis performed by IES provided insight into likely heating and cooling loads at the site; including both peak loads and a simulation of a typical year. This detailed information was key to ensuring the new chiller and biomass boiler were not oversized and are able to perform as efficiently as possible during typical operation.