Athaiba Mixed Use Development

Muscat, Oman

Athaiba Mixed Use Development

Key Facts

Site Area

  • 1.3 Million Sqft

Wind focus

  • Pedestrian Comfort

Summer Temp

  • High of 45ºC

IES Consulting assessed the external thermal comfort for pedestrians around the proposed Athaiba Mixed Use Development in Muscat, Oman.

This mixed-use Development includes external seating areas for restaurants and cafes on the ground level, covered by proposed canopies. IES Consulting carried out an investigation into the suitability of these proposed canopies to provide external shade and comfort. And to understand what percentage of the year it would be suitable to use the seating areas without additional cooling.

IES carried out detailed external airflow (CFD) analysis across different solar and external temperature conditions. Surrounding building influence and direct/diffuse solar radiation was taken into account. Key wind measurements were also taken on site to supplement the available weather files.

IES simulation results showed the percentage of the year that shading provided by the proposed canopies would be sufficient to offer cooler conditions, without additional cooling. And IES Consulting could advice when additional cooling would be required.

Certain locations were sensitive to changing solar positions and IES demonstrated that shading would need to include retractable features to ensure the changing angle of the sun’s influence could be countered.

IES were also able to model the cooling effect produced by vegetation and waterbodies as part of this analysis.