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Only by looking at buildings and cities as the integrated environments that they are - instead of parts of the problem in isolation - can we ensure everyone involved in the conception, design or management of a building gets to leave our world in a much better state than we inherited it.

REEMAIN Project Comes to a Close

by Edwina Cramp

It has been nearly 4 years since the REEMAIN project started in 2013. Now as the project ends, it’s the…

Be a Zero Hero with Building Lifecycle Analyses

by Suzanne Wallace

Circular Economy, Lifecycle Assessment and Embodied Carbon are phrases we are hearing more and more in today’s climate where it…

Highlights from the IBPSA Building Simulation Conference

by Liam Buckley

Between 7th-9th August, more than 770 Building Simulationists attended the bi-annual Building Simulation Conference in San Francisco and – for…

What is the 4RinEU Project?

by John Goucher

A big part of Europe’s building stock is inefficient in terms of energy use, mainly as a consequence of excessive…

Megan Tosh Receives ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award

by Suzanne Wallace

We’re proud to announce that Megan Tosh, Product Manager at IES, has received the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award. The award…

Attending the World Future Energy Event Reminds Me There’s Still Hope

by Naghman Khan

I had the pleasure of attending the World Future Energy Expo event in Astana, Kazakhstan recently (July 2017). The expo…

IES Makes Shortlist for Building Awards’ Digital Efficiency Initiative of the Year!

by Karen Duffin

We are delighted to announce that our latest software release – VE2017 – has been shortlisted in the Digital Efficiency…

Architects – Dream Big, Start Small, Begin Now!

by Animesh Sourabh

As someone who has had multiple conversations with architects about sustainability and building performance over the last 7 – 8…

Free IES Faculty Series coming to a city near you!

by John Goucher

We’re pleased to announce we are hosting a free IES Faculty Roadshow across the UK throughout August 2017. This series…

AerCap House, Dublin

by Suzanne Wallace

AerCap House is a modern office building located in St Stephens Green, Dublin. It’s approx. 6,900 sqm in size and…

ASHRAE Heat Balance Method & Radiant Time Series – what’s the difference?

by Megan Tosh

ASHRAE Members around the world recently received their 2017 Fundamentals Handbook. Most of us likely received the digital version on…

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